2019 Christmas Celebration

Our much anticipated holiday celebration will be held at the Fontainebleau Golf Club on December 15th at 4:00pm. The tickets are $15 each. For more informations, contact me by email or by private message on Facebook or Instagram!

Address : 1 Boul de Fontainebleau, Blainville, QC J7B 1L4


The QPAT 2019 Annual Convention will be held on November 14th and 15th! I am pleased to be a part of this event as a speaker in the series Spotlight on the Arts!

My workshop, Movement, music and the mind, will take place on November 15th from 9AM to 10:15AM.


Hôtel Bonaventure Montréal

900 Rue de la Gauchetière O, Montréal, QC H5A 1E4

2019 Annual Convention

Angélique Desjardins of Angélique Desjardins Musique is a music educator and program Creator. Angélique brings you on her passionate ride to use music as a tool to improve the lives of students inside and outside the classroom. By using Boomwhackers, body percussion, breath work and movement she aims to expand creativity for kids. During this hands-on workshop, you will explore simple rhythms that improve musical coordination and improve group dynamics using body percussion and breathing exercises. Boomwhackers are an excellent way to get kids playing music fast, learning two part harmonies, scales, chords, composition and more! The playing of this fun instrument is tactile and physical, moving the students away from static learning. If you want to build confidence around creative expression and at the same time see an increase in the blood flow to the left hemisphere of the brain (the side famous for language, logic and analytical thinking) for you and your students, then this workshop is for you!

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